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מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV
מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV

מחשב נייד Lenovo V330 81B000M9IV

Special Price 3115 ש"ח

הוספה לסל

יצרן: Lenovo , דגם מעבד: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz, נפח זכרון פנימי: 8GB , נפח אחסון: 512GB , סוג דיסק: SSD , גודל מסך: 14 , רזולוציה: 1920*1080 , דגם כרטיס מסך: Intel HD Graphics 520, מערכת הפעלה:Windows 10 Pro , תקופת האחריות: שנה , סוג האחריות: מעבדה , נותן השירות: CPM

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כבל hdmi hdmi באורך 1.5מטר (49 ש"ח)
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Keeps IT departments as happy as their users

Simple. Flexible. Compatible. The V330 is easy for IT to deploy, offering the simplicity of Windows 10 Pro, the flexibility of an Ultrabay drive that can house an optical drive or an additional battery, and the hardware compatibility of multiple USB-C and USB 3.0 ports.

Reliable. Repairable. Secure. The V330 makes IT maintenance easy, too. It's reliable—as shown by the series of rigorous tests it undergoes against shocks, drops, and other extremes—and secure, thanks to its physical camera shutter, Touch Type fingerprint reader, and integrated TPM 1.2 firmware. And IT can rest easy with the Lenovo Sealed Battery Warranty, offering three-year coverage for non-CRU batteries.

Additional details on these features are available below.




Work and play better

With the widescreen antiglare display with up to FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution, you'll enjoy rich visuals no matter what you’re doing. Get your work done. Be creative. Watch a movie. The display opens 180 degrees, making it simple to share and collaborate or just get comfortable using your laptop the way you want.


Lenovo V330 (14) open 180 degrees and laying flat



Working anywhere just got easier

The ergonomic keyboard on the V330 was engineered for comfort and typing accuracy. The large touchpad makes it even easier to be productive wherever you are – no mouse required. And with plenty of life in its QuickCharge battery, plus a rechargeable Ultrabay battery for additional battery life, you’ll get a lot of uninterrupted time without worrying about electrical outlets.


Lenovo V330 (14) in Iron Gray and Mineral Gray, front and back views



Pin-stripe suit optional

The V330 exudes professionalism, thanks to its contemporary style, iron gray-color exterior, and thin design with narrow bezels. Put a sharp-looking face on your business.


Lenovo V330 (14), back right side view



Put it through the ringer – we did

The V330 was built to last, and we have the test scores to prove it. We tested it for reliability and durability against eight extreme conditions: shock test; vibration test; keyboard in-system test; hinge life test; fan reliability test; panel scuff test; operating temperature test; and pressure test. This laptop is ready for whatever conditions your business can put it through. And to put your mind further at ease, the V330 is backed by a one- or two-year base warranty, with up to three years total available (see the Services tab for information on Extensions).


Lenovo V330 (14) closed, back right side view



Don't forget to smile

Whether you're meeting with a prospective new client or your colleagues around the world, the V330 has you covered for a superb video-conferencing experience. Stereo speakers deliver rich sound (which is great for music and movies, too). And the HD webcam ensures visuals so crisp and clear you’ll feel like you're in the same room with meeting participants.


Lenovo V330 front left side view featuring video chat



Laugh at would-be data thieves – including gravity

The V330 features the integrated firmware, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which works in conjunction with Windows 10 Pro Bitlocker to encrypt your data and your passwords. Active Protection System (APS) locks the hard drive when it detects a fall, protecting against data loss (not available for SSDs). And the physical camera shutter helps protect your privacy – simply close it to keep the camera from seeing anything.


Lenovo V330 (14) physical camera shutter feature



Go ahead – forget your password

With the option of an integrated Touch Type fingerprint reader, you'll never need to remember your password again! Simply touch the fingerprint scanner to access your V330, or use your face with Windows Hello facial recognition software and login automatically. No need to worry about remembering passwords again.


Lenovo V330 (14) overhead keyboard view, featuring fingerprint reader



Let your assistant do the heavy lifting

Start with Windows 10 Pro for your V330, which includes your own personal assistant, Cortana. With an Intel® Core™ processor, you'll get powerful performance and speed. Plus, you’ll never have to hunt for files or photos or meetings again – let Cortana do the work for you! Integrate Cortana with your calendar and you can even search by when and whom you worked on a file with, rather than having to remember file names.


Lenovo V330 (14) front display view featuring Cortana

אפור צבע
מידות ומשקל
Starting at 1.6kg משקל המוצר
Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) מעבד
8GB DDR4 2400Mhz נפח
1 חריצי זיכרון נגישים
SSD 512GB nvme גודל דיסק
אין DVD Multi Burner
חריצי הרחבה
14 FHD AG LED (1920*1080) סוג
Integrated 1.0M (720p HD) webcam מצלמה קדמית
NO מסך מגע
NO מודם 3G
יש Bluetooth
יש Wireless
Intel HD 620 כרטיס מסך
יש RJ-45
ללא VGA
1 USB 2.0
1 USB 3.0
מערכת הפעלה
Windows 10 Pro מערכת הפעלה
•Up to5 hours w/2-cell battery סוג סוללה
אחריות ושירות
שנה משך האחריות
מעבדה סוג האחריות